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A Note From T.L.:


"Writing is about more than putting words on a page. I want the characters and stories that I create to touch you, change you, and make you examine the human condition. Perhaps I'm thinking too much about my own writing. Regardless, what I ultimately wish is that you enjoy what I write. If you're here, then I must be doing something right!"

T.L. Tate


Catherine C. wrote:

"My favorite thing about your stories are the interactions between characters. My least favorite thing about your stories are when they end! :("

Jamie S. wrote:

"My wife and I love your books. Can't wait for the next one to come out. You should try to put out a new book more often! The stories get us both hot and bothered. Needless to say we enjoy the books in more way than one!"

Sara H. wrote:

"You've got something special! I usually read big names and found you by accident. Boy am I glad I did! Seriously! I can't put your book down! Indie author for the WIN!"

A Gentleman's Bet Large Cover 2
DWD 7 Cover Normal
New Sirens Cover High
Inseparable Family
You Belong to Me updated Cover

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